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5 ways to make your content engaging and Convert better!

Content writing is the process of researching, planning, editing and writing a content for marketing purposes. The main focus of content writing is to get your products or services get noticed by search engines and the audience. Search engines algorithms are made in such a way that only well written and high quality content get noticed because al search engines main purpose is to get best experience to the users.

Content writing include product description, blog posts and articles, scripts for videos and news letters, as well as content for specific social media platforms, such as posts on Facebook, twitter, instagram and Reddit.

Try and Use Active Voice More: This took me a while to get used to, I have a habit of using passive voice, and when I am editing, it gets very tiring to change all passive to active. People who have Grammarly premium are blessed as this tool helps detect and amend passive voice, but not always. So, always take a good look at your content before sending it out or posting it. 
Acknowledge your subject and help people relate to your content. Here’s an example,
Passive Voice: The ball was thrown out of reach.
Active voice: Alice threw the ball out of reach to spite her sister
Smaller Sentences:
Small and easy-to-read and understand sentences make more impact. Earlier, the attention span of a human being was 12 seconds. However, it has now decreased to 8 seconds. Imagine writing a long sentence and losing your audience midway. 
How can your content be engaging if your audience keeps losing you? So, practice breaking longer sentences into shorter versions. You don’t have to leave out information; just break one sentence into two. Remember practice, makes perfect.
Avoid Hard to Understand Words:
Cinch vocabulary is the way to go when penning down your precious deductions. (Yup, that’s hard and confusing, and I will not read such content) Use simple words; easy-to-understand vocabulary is the way to go when you are writing your thoughts. 
Remember, you are writing for the masses; your audience is literally everyone, you can expect them to understand your posh vocabulary. It doesn’t make you sound intelligent; it makes you sound arrogant.
Be Precise While Writing:
Try not to be vague; this will not help you or the reader. For example, use “The food was enough for 5 people.” instead of “The food was enough for all.” I am giving you precisely 5 tips to improve your writing; that is better than saying here are several tips for making your writing better. Understand that adding precise words will add value to your writing.
Always Add a Conclusion:
Never leave your article hanging; the conclusion is as important as the introduction. You need to sum up the whole thing and let the reader know what you think about it. Either that or you can summarize the whole point of the article. For example, Product Review:• Comparing all the products, we can confidently say that A is the best on the list. Informational Article:• All in all, feeding your cat canned food can have many disadvantages.
Casual Blogs:• Fashion trends change every month; the easiest way to become a fashion Diva is to keep track of these changes before they even happen.

Writing may sound easy only when you are doing it wrong. Ever since I started writing on medium and reading people there, I have realized there is so much to learn. So, here I am learning and sharing, ARE YOU?

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